Starting from the holiday house, you can undertake numerous excursions to attractions and landmarks, or just relax, switch off and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the house.

Here are a few excursion tips:

Dala horse workshop

Bear park

Grönklitt, largest bear park in Europe


The Fullufjället national park covers an area of almost 400 km2 and is one of the biggest national parks in Sweden. The beautiful landscape is very diverse, dense woods alternate with marshy regions, lakes, rivers, and typical northern Fjälls.

The Gryvela nature reserve is located 8 km from the holiday house. Beautiful hiking trails lead through picturesque marsh- and forest areas. On the way you will encounter an old lumberjack lodging. A nice fireplace is available to visitors.

The Näsfjället is a popular destination in summer and winter. It is located 20 km away from the house. During summer you will reach the summit after a short ascent, where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views over the whole forest- and lake region.
In winter, the small skiing area is especially suitable for families.

Observation tower

The fire tower in Bunkris (15 km east of the holiday house) also offers a unique view over the region. It is freely accessible at all times and is situated directly at the link road Älvdalen – Särna.

Additional excursion ideas

Tomteland in Mora, the park, where you can visit Santa Claus.

Zorn museum in Mora

Elk park

Inside and outside the Ransihouse almost anything is possible...
The children have unlimited space to play and run riot.

Active holiday seekers...
can go hiking, fishing, swimming, rowing, do winter sports etc.

Recreation seekers...
can find pristine nature, peace and pure relaxation here.