Here, in the heart of Scandinavia, you will discover Europe's most southern wilderness. Boundless valleys, lakes, magical forests, crystal clear rivers, diverse wildlife (elk, reindeer, wood grouse) and infinite tranquility.
Our house is situated outside the little village of Nornäs, in a secluded location (next neighbour 3 km). It is surrounded by a thin pine/birch forest, approx. 80m from the idyllic lake Ransi. Further towns in the area are Sälen, Älvdalen, Idre and Mora.

Dalarna is known as the most traditional region in the whole of Sweden. The word Dalarna means "the valleys", describing a hilly and wooded, very beautiful landscape. It stretches over four districts, Dalarna, Jämtland, Gävleborg and Värmland. The region is approximately 30'000 km2 in size, 70% of the area is wooded – an ideal holiday destination for active holiday seekers as well as families, simply looking for peace and relaxation.

Dalarna is also known as the centre for handcrafted art in Sweden. Here, the arguably best known and most popular souvenir of the country, the "Dalahäst" Dalarna horse, is crafted by hand. It symbolizes the whole of Sweden. The most typical Dalahäst is red, meanwhile a new colour is added every year.